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Fuel consumption and cold start

M-series engines are among the most effi cient in the market. Fuel consumptions of 212 g/kWh testify to the optimized combustion process. 6-hole VCO nozzles, as well as the monoblock single pumps, and the optimized combustion chamber geometry all make their contribution to this. Without a pre glow system the engines start reliably as low as -10°C; with a pre glow system and corresponding resources even -32°C is no problem.

Power up to
Hatz 4M41
Weight from
Hatz 2M41C

Unique automatic engine protection

The integrated, intelligent, mechanical automatic engine protection protects the engine. When a cooling fan malfunctions, there is not enough oil, or the inclination is too high, the engine is automatically stopped to prevent engine damage.

Torque up to
Hatz 4M41
Displacement from
Hatz 2M41C

Hatz M-series

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