Hatz Diesel becomes Hatz

Hatz is much more than a manufacturer of robust diesel engines. Hatz is the technology partner of compact equipment manufacturers and the operators of these machines.

That is why it is now time to combine history and future in a contemporary way in the brand as well. Just as the engine factory, the market and the applications are transforming, Hatz is transforming its logo and brand. Hatz Diesel becomes Hatz.  

The suffix "Diesel" is dropped from the logo. The brand core, the innovation, remains with the injection pattern of Franz Hatz's flat-seat nozzle - because that is what the blue dovetail represents.  

Because at Hatz, it's all about what the customer needs and requests - regardless of the drive technology. This can be seen to an impressive degree in the company's recent history.  

In 2022, Hatz presented its expertise in the development of fully electric systems for the first time. Thanks to the innovative Purpose Design development approach, which is used in conjunction with Hatz' electric modular drive system, machine concepts and machine architectures can be realized that were previously not possible. New functions and features can be added to machine classes that were previously denied to them.   

However, Hatz will continue to build the highest quality compact diesel engines on the market. Robustness, performance and reliability continue to be the decisive values of physical products. In addition, with smart engineering services and digital solutions, the company is following the market's wishes for solutions beyond pure hardware even more closely.    

This is because Hatz has been developing digital services for engine maintenance for many years. At the leading industry trade fairs, Hatz recently demonstrated a variety of digital maintenance services that make the work of machine operators and maintenance personnel much easier.   

 The Hatz Digital Solutions represent the continuation of digital development at Hatz. They enable efficient fleet management of compact construction machines. The disposition of the machines can be optimized, maintenance intervals can be planned in the best possible way and the location of the machines can be monitored. 

In view of this wealth of innovations, far beyond the excellent and proven diesel technology, it is only logical that Hatz continues to develop. Hatz is diesel. But above all, Hatz is innovation. 

Hatz Logo Brand

Hatz Logo Brand

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